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For the past couple of months, I have been working on one oral theme per week with my P6 students. Even though they were tested via zoom, I did see an improvement in confidence and quality when oral is worked on on a regular basis. So do continue to revise for the oral component, even though no SA1 oral was given this year.

As we head back to the centre tomorrow, I am excited to begin more intensive revision for all the components. Like all tutors and teachers, there is a concern about how effective the lessons via zoom were for the P6 students during the CB period. My hope is that with all the work that we have done together, the students levels will continue to be strong right up to the PSLE.

The component that is garnering the most attention from me right now is the oral component. I have just launched the series 2 of our Oral e-learning programme. It was a pleasure meeting some new faces and those who attended my workshops previously, before the CB, and testing them via zoom after they had completed the PSLE Oral Series 1. I hope to meet everyone again after Series 2.

There will also be a PSLE oral intensive during the July holidays. We received positive feedback about the June PSLE oral intensives via zoom and I hope to help more students for the July intensive. Please take note that I prepare and test new themes for every PSLE intensive.

Some schools are testing the Preliminary oral on the second week of July while others will be testing their students on the last week after the July break.

Regardless of when the preliminary oral will be tested the target will be to be prepared for the PSLE oral in August. Thankfully, students are not required to wear a mask or a face shield during the Reading aloud and SBC segments. You can find the details here

Now here are 2 simple ways to use current events in SBC

With so much happening in Singapore and the world, I remind my students to read up on current events regularly and use what they read in their oral answers.

  1. If a question is about their CCA, they can talk about how Covid-19 has affected their CCA plans this year. If the question is on health, they can also talk about how supplements and vitamins have been selling out as everyone is trying to boost their immunity during the Covid-19 period.
  2. Mentioning information that they have watched on the news or read in a newspaper or online during the SBC. For example, I recently read an article online about… / Two weeks ago my family and I were watching the news on CNA and …..

I know that this is a busy, busy period for all students sitting for the PSLE and reading the newspaper or news online may not be top priority. Parents can help by singling out articles related to popular oral themes such as Covid-19, school, health, volunteering, environment, hobbies etc.

Wishing all students a happy revision period!

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