Parents who enquire about my English lessons often ask me how my two batches of P6s performed in their PSLE. I am proud to say that they have all done well. I cannot take credit for their achievements. First of all, I only tutor them in English Language and second of all, it is through their own sheer hard work and determination that have got them through to their current schools. I have encouraged (ok, ok, sometimes scolded and pushed) them to perform as well as they could for English.

For the parents who are curious about which schools they have gone to, here are some examples: Dunman High, Marie Stella Sec, SJI, Gan Eng Seng, TKGS, Cedar Girls, etc. I am now teaching my 2nd batch of P6s in Secondary One English (their lesson is immediately after the P6 class). I love to hear their stories of secondary school life and watch them grow from children to teenagers : )