Primary 5 English Tuition Programme

This is the time for students to adapt to the new challenges of Primary 5 English brought on by the new components introduced in Primary 5.

Thinking Factory’s Primary 5 English Tuition programme aims to:

  • review and assimilate grammatical rules taught to students from Primary 1 – Primary 4 through regular practice and explanation
  • boost students’ vocabulary and editing skills by providing spelling lists of challenging Vocabulary and Editing words taken from Primary 5 and Primary 6 past year examination papers
  • prepare students to manage the new components introduced in the Primary 5 year by using various techniques such as breaking down of passage, identifying question types, looking out for key words and clues and learning new Synthesis and Transformation rules
  • prepare students to read with clear pronunciation and expressively as well as be confident when talking about a variety of topics in an oral testing setting
  • encourage students to develop a love and ease of writing by creating interesting plots and characters through regular writing practice
  • teach students how to write Situational Writing through the CAP (Context, Audience, Purpose) method and give them regular writing practice to test out their skills

Primary 5 English Tuition Schedule 2019

DayStart timeEnd timeLocation
Monday3.30 pm5.30 pmBukit Timah Shopping Centre
Tuesday3.30 pm5.30 pmBukit Timah Shopping Centre
Thursday3.30 pm5.30 pm215E Upper Thomson Road
Friday4.00 pm6.00 pm215E Upper Thomson Road
Friday5.30 pm7.30 pmBukit Timah Shopping Centre