The March school holidays workshops are usually the preparation before the SA1 for those who attend my workshops regularly. Most schools begin Oral testing in April so it is good to do a few practices and gain feedback before then.

This year, I have included workshops not, just for P5s & P6s but also for the P4s as both times I have held the P4 workshops last year have been a success. The students were able to sit through the 3h day lesson (with a break of course) and I’ve received good feedback. I have also included a P5/6 Comprehension Open-ended workshop as most would have completed their CA1 papers and would know if they need help in this area before the SA1.

As such, I will only have 2 workshops on PSLE Oral & Writing this round and 1 workshop on Comprehension Open-ended and 1 for the P4 Writing & Oral.

The workshop registration is on a first come first served basis. Below are the dates.

P4 Writing & Oral Workshop

14th & 15th March

P5/6 Comprehension Open-Ended Workshop

16th & 17th

PSLE Writing & Oral Workshop

14th & 15th 12.30-3.30pm
16th & 17th 9am-12pm

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