As the news about the changes in the Singapore education system (no mid-year examinations at certain grades) broke, I applauded the move and felt happy for our children.

I think the only concern I may have is the no-examination in the P5 mid-year. While it will give them a chance to master the Paper 2 components, it may also give them less of a chance to practice on the paper 1 and oral components. Composition and Situational writing are not done weekly in school curriculum due to time constraints – no fault of the teachers, they only have limited time in school.

This is the same for the oral component and for the oral component, the need to feel confident and be comfortable in handling stimulus-based conversations of different themes is paramount for the PSLE Oral. No one can predict what topics may be set. Thus, the best way to prepare a student is to build on his or her confidence in tackling any theme or topic.

On my part, I will continue to work with my P5 students regularly as I have always done, to prepare them for the PSLE year, regardless of mid-year examinations- weekly writing practice and oral testing 6 weeks before the usual mid-year examination time period.

While I am being cautious, I am grateful that there is a move to lessen the stress for our young students and hope that MOE will continue on this road towards a more holistic education system.

I have also finalised the dates of the December holiday workshops, found below

I have added the Paper 2 component for the P6 students.

December 2018 Holiday Workshops

P4 Oral & Writing Workshop

3/12 & 4/12 9am-12pm

P5 Oral & Writing Workshop

3/12 & 4/12  12pm-3pm
10/12 & 11/12 9am-12pm

PSLE Writing & Oral

29/11 & 30/11 9am-12pm
5/12 & 6/12 9am-12pm
12/12 & 13/12 9am-12pm
17/12 & 18/12 9am-12pm

PSLE Paper 2
Synthesis & Transformation/Comprehension Cloze/Comprehension OE

29/11 & 30/11 1pm-4pm
5/12 & 6/12 1pm-4pm
12/12 & 13/12 1pm-4pm
17/12 & 18/12 1pm-4pm


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