The PSLE oral workshop was a success! My initial concern was covering all that was needed to be covered in 3h on one day, but we did that with ease. We started off with the *Reminders* for all three parts – Reading / Picture Discussion/ Conversation. We then worked on 1 picture discussion thoroughly, with each child sharing their interpretation of the picture. This gave each child a chance to listen to one another’s descriptions, opinions and predictions..mistakes in tenses and excellent complex words and phrases. Then we reviewed the Model Answer I had prepared for them.
While they worked on two other pictures, I tested each child individually a full oral. I corrected them after each section and discussed their fears and concerns and how to improve.

We continued reviewing the other 2 pictures, then went on to the Conversation section. I drilled them on both Recount and Expressing Personal Opinions and kept them on their toes by changing the flow of the conversation. We also discussed about current affairs in Singapore (Is S’pore a caring society? Do children in Singapore have enough time for leisure activities?  How can we improve the transportation system in Singapore? Recounting visiting some of S’pore’s attractions).

A few days after the workshops I asked some parents how their children felt about attending them. I received very positive answers from ‘enjoyed it very much’ ‘likes you a lot’ ‘really drilled him’ and my favourite – ‘useful’. This is important for me as the exams are just round the corner and this is the time for them to have their concerns and fears put to rest as well as pick up tips to iron out their common mistakes and improve.

So far, all the workshops I have conducted this year have been very positive. The children have found them beneficial (both my existing students and new ones who join just for the workshops) and I have been very excited and motivated to be able to work on just a single English component during the whole workshop. This is a common concern for Language teachers..there are so many components to work on during lesson time, perfecting each component isn’t easy. While regular practice is essential, being able to iron out the common mistakes and concerns in just one ‘go’ is also important.

With this in mind, I have tweaked the schedule for the September holidays and have added oral workshops for P3-P5 and changed the dates of the P6 Writing workshops.


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